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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
I was only going off of what was said in your previous post. Now, knowing the full story, she seems like a total dope. At least she didn't try to con the system by never getting remarried just to prolong her alimony, as many do. The movie Fletch comes to mind.
Oh I hear you but just wanted to state that all is not what things seem often in divorce especially when children are involved.
Mine was less then honest though, for example for @ 14 months prior to leaving me she skimmed money off the joint account and gave it to her parents in Latin America, nothing I could do about it was a joint account per my attorney. Part of our equity settlement in order for me to afford the house the kids grew up in, she was given full ownership of a rental we had to offset some of the equity in our first home. Well she rented that out, quit making the payments on the house for close to 2 years and declared bankruptcy some how in another state where she resided. Now mind you she was given 326K cash and title to another house which produced positive income each month and she pissed it all away supossedly in a little over 2 years. She currently owns 2 homes outright in Arizona(1 cabin 1 mfg house). Really fishy to me.
Like I said sometimes things are not what they appear at first glance.