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I am Joe and I am a Christian.....WTF!

Looking at people’s names and locations this forum appears to be filled with very diverse group of people….which I have to say is very refreshing!
Hell there are even two girls here! Who knew!

Anyhow…I grew up in the (SPIT) Islamic (FUCKING) Republic of Iran. I had the great pleasure of being in Iran during the Iran and Iraq war. If you are too young to know what that is look it up. Long story short 1 million people died because some looser spoke to his imaginary friend. As such I have a very bad taste in my mouth when some ignoramus starts talking about the virtues of a theocracy.
Now that said…..I also find it very offensive when people introduce themselves at “Joe Dick and I am a Christian”.
I half feel like saying “I am Shah…self proclaimed ruler of the universe” ….yeah good luck proving me wrong with that one!

Am I the only one offended by this type of introduction or are there others like me?
What do people outside of the US feel about this?