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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post
I've been in the OT for a while now and used to argue with people like Shah in the religion section. (Where this thread belongs) But what i've found here and on other forums is that people like Shah seem to be as concerned with having people believe that there is no God as much as Christians are concerned with having people believe there is a God.

The only difference between the two is that people like Shah are the ones who start threads about it so they can poo poo all over someone else's beliefs. You'll be hard pressed to find Christians starting threads talking about how all the atheists are going to hell. You'll even be hard pressed to find a Christian saying a cross word about someone who has poo pooed their beliefs.

For the record Shah, being a Christian doesn't afford anyone any amount of trust. Anyone who asks for trust because of being Christian should be mistrusted. For that matter anyone who asks for trust because of being associated with any belief system or organization should be mistrusted.

Maybe someone took advantage of you some time ago who was christian? Maybe you are insecure about your own faith and are projecting your frustration onto christians? I don't claim to know. But as deep seated my beliefs are; you making a mockery of them doesn't offend me. I'll be praying for you today.

In a long winded way are you saying its is no different than Chevy believer arguing with Ford believers which pickup truck is better.

But actually what Sasha is saying is why do people have a need to put their beliefs out in front of you, why does it matter. It just another example of if you not like them then they are better than you somehow.

To your bold statement, I agree, however, I do believe this is what they are doing, using the "I'm a Christian" moniker as a way to gain trust. Over the past 10 yrs I been seeing businesses both on the internet and in person advertising they are a Christian business, at first I could not figure out why they need to tell people this, well it seems that using that moniker will automatically give their business credibility and Christians tend to do business with other Christians, again not sure why that matters. However, did not take the con artists too long to figure this out. Can not tell you how many times I read in the paper how someone hired someone to do work for them and the reason they hired them was because they were a Christian business. The person being ripped off was completely surprise how someone could do that to them. Simply they do not care and they took advantage of you because you blindly believed in the moniker.