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Originally Posted by Maestro View Post
In a long winded way are you saying its is no different than Chevy believer arguing with Ford believers which pickup truck is better.

But actually what Sasha is saying is why do people have a need to put their beliefs out in front of you, why does it matter. It just another example of if you not like them then they are better than you somehow.

To your bold statement, I agree, however, I do believe this is what they are doing, using the "I'm a Christian" moniker as a way to gain trust. Over the past 10 yrs I been seeing businesses both on the internet and in person advertising they are a Christian business, at first I could not figure out why they need to tell people this, well it seems that using that moniker will automatically give their business credibility and Christians tend to do business with other Christians, again not sure why that matters. However, did not take the con artists too long to figure this out. Can not tell you how many times I read in the paper how someone hired someone to do work for them and the reason they hired them was because they were a Christian business. The person being ripped off was completely surprise how someone could do that to them. Simply they do not care and they took advantage of you because you blindly believed in the moniker.
Actually, i said that in 2 sentences. But you may have overlooked the point of that explanation which were the following 3 sentences.

The first bolded statement is Sasha's or your opinion, possibly based on experience but likely based on how she or you, and others of similar mindset feel. The majority of the people you're speaking of would go out of their way to help you should you be in need; and it's not because they feel they are better than you. It's because they feel if all of us had the mind set of taking care of others as we would ourselves, all of us would be better off. One thing that most non christians don't understand is that when someone as an adult finds Christ he or she is often super excited about their new found peace and want to share it with others. Sadly, the world has a way of squelching that flame rather quickly.

I deal with a lot of people on a daily basis and i have only seen a few and i mean 2 -4 experiences where someone had something revealing their beliefs in their email signature. I have NEVER had anyone introduce themselves in this way face to face. Given, there are but a few responses in this thread, the majority seem to agree that this isn't a problem warranting a rant thread.

To the second bolded statement. I'm pretty sure if you really thought about it you could tell me. Because I'm willing to bet that it's not nearly as rampant as you make it out to be. I'm fairly up on current events and this is a rarity. The media however when reporting on these incidents would have you believe they happen the majority of the time. I think you'll find the facts would point out for every person/company using Christianity to prey on believers. There are hundreds of other companies that are christian run who don't. Either way, those companies playing on the minds of the gullible have little to do with the OPs rant.

Someone mentioned how being a christian is mostly a life style given to people by their parents. During my interaction other christians, i have found that the majority of the people i meet found Christ as an adult. Many even come from broken homes, a life of violence and crime, some from a life of addiction. Why others feel it necessary to mock these people for what they believe i have no idea.

There are so many icons people use to express their feelings of being better than other people, i don't get why this would rub anyone the wrong way anymore than the others.

Sorry for being long winded.

Originally Posted by ShopVac View Post
Ironically, my name is Joe. Doubt many of you can actually say that!
Yo Joe, check the sig.

Originally Posted by kevinbahnz View Post
yes i see that a lot in email scams .
Yes, but this is different than a brick & mortar business using this for dishonest business practices.
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