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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
I may not have experience, but you don't have one damn useful idea to offer and you do have a lot of personal criticism to offer. I dn't know what experience you have or lack, but I don't care because having any or not doesn't mean you or anyone else can't have a good solution idea. You don't know me from Adam's house cat and I've about had enough of you telling me about me.
I did offer useful input on prerequisites for peace in the Israeli-Palestinian, some of which were agreed on by you. As for offering useful input on your claim that genocide is justified by 'doing whatever it takes' to win a war...i don't agree with that.

I don't know you, nor do I know anything about Adam's house cat, but it is blatantly obvious from the your cavalier discussion of war and how you would wage one that you've never been to one.

You find my responses disrespectful...well guess what. I find your cavalier attitude disrespectful. You marginalize and disrespect those men and women in uniform who sacrifice so much in order to conduct war/operations in a way that emphasizes safeguarding and shielding noncombatants.

Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
If you really have nothing to do but tell me what's wrong my ideas, and then tell me about me, and you have not one vaguely useful idea of your own to offer, however harebrained it may be, stop discussing this with me. Find someone who wants to read your sh*t and have an discussion that is about something other than some sort of actionable solution.

For my part of the deal, I promise that if all you have to say to me again is some crap about what experience I have or don't have, you will have the last word because I won't continue the discussion.

All the best.
It's funny how after that whole rant, you still end with 'all the best.'

@tony20009, you did say that you think 'doing whatever it takes' is part of waging war, even if that means conducting genocide. And somehow your surprised that people would take offense to that? There are a lot of men in and women in the service who abide by a code of conduct and take offense to that. Again, I encourage you to do some reading:
- Thomas Aquinas' Just War Theory
- Geneva Conventions
- Law of Armed Conflict
- historical and modern rules of engagement

Take care.