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Originally Posted by pgviper View Post
I agree with you. It's a shit show from both sides. I'm neither religion and completely impartial to the situation but from a humanitarian standpoint (I think you can consider this for the entire middle east), something actively needs to be done. What that is.... who the hell knows.
Israel-Palestine squabbles are a case of small fish in a big sea...there are much bigger (and deadlier) problems that need to be dealt with, especially in that region of the world:
-Assad's Syrian regime mass-killing his own people
-ISIS and ISIL, which sprouted as a result of Assad's brutality, are on the verge of becoming another AlQaeada, this time with their own nation-state.
-Numerous tribal and ethnic conflicts in central Africa
-Libya on the verge of becoming another broken state
-Iraq's sectarian division on the verge of another civil war
-Somalia is still a broken state, serving as a safe haven for pirates and terrorists.
-Iran even closer to getting nukes, which would likely start an arms race with Israel, Saudi Arabia and India.

People from a certain political cloth are crying "bloody murder" about Israel/Palestinian fighting. There certainly is death/destruction going on there, but relative to what is going on elsewhere in the world, it's consequences are marginal.