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Originally Posted by Dalko43 View Post
Israel-Palestine squabbles are a case of small fish in a big sea...there are much bigger (and deadlier) problems that need to be dealt with, especially in that region of the world:
-Assad's Syrian regime mass-killing his own people
-ISIS and ISIL, which sprouted as a result of Assad's brutality, are on the verge of becoming another AlQaeada, this time with their own nation-state.
-Numerous tribal and ethnic conflicts in central Africa
-Libya on the verge of becoming another broken state
-Iraq's sectarian division on the verge of another civil war
-Somalia is still a broken state, serving as a safe haven for pirates and terrorists.
-Iran even closer to getting nukes, which would likely start an arms race with Israel, Saudi Arabia and India.

People from a certain political cloth are crying "bloody murder" about Israel/Palestinian fighting. There certainly is death/destruction going on there, but relative to what is going on elsewhere in the world, it's consequences are marginal.
Another great point.

On the other hand... we all have health insurance now... kind of