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Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
You seem to think that the Government being Christian is fine as long as other religions aren't being imprisoned for their beliefs. That's not fine and was not it's intention.

I'm not arguing that someone is going to come to my house to stop me from believing. I'm arguing that you fundamentally don't understand the intent of the founders if you think it's okay for the Government to endorse Christianity but tolerate everyone else. That is exactly what the Establishment clause is tasked with avoiding.

If that's what you believe, you've missed the point of what we were trying to avoid. It's a protection that was put in place for a reason. The Government is neutral by design so that individuals are guaranteed Freedom of Religion. You'd prefer it if the Government was Christian and then we simply "ok'd" other religions as a privileged. That is not an okay system because the privilege can be revoked. You arguing that it's okay to be a privilege because we have it now. That's simply not good enough. The American in me is sad I have to explain this.
The US government is not Christian.

Nowhere in our constitution does Christianity get earmarked as the official religion of our nation (not in the same way that Anglicanism is in UK for example).

This country was founded by a mostly Christian population, thus there is a historical connection.
The laws of this country are fundamentally based on Judeo-Christian philosophy, which is almost purely a western phenomenon. Go read about the beheadings of 'adulterous' women in Saudi Arabia or the corporal punishment of drug smugglers in parts of Asia. The assassinations of journalists in Russia. There is a defined difference in the US legal system and most of the rest of the world.

Like I said earlier, acknowledging these historical and philosophical roots is not the same as endorsing Christianity.

No one gets special treatment in America because of their religious affiliation. There is no elite social/political club that you only get into because you are a Lutheran or Catholic. This country has traditionally been a Christian nation and that is all that is acknowledged in phrases like, 'In God We Trust.'

As for the government using your tax dollars on a cause/issue that you disagree I said earlier, just about everything that the government does with tax payer dollars earns resentment from one segment of society or another.

I acknowledge that you have an opinion on this issue Devious21 , and I respect that opinion. I just think that you are trying to argue over an issue that is ultimately insignificant. This government has never done anything to inhibit its citizens religious rights. I see no slippery slope. I see no erosion of that part of the Bill of Rights. Religious freedom is simply too ingrained in this country's heritage for any one group or person to mess with it.
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