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Originally Posted by Dalko43 View Post
Dude, girl, young boy, whoever you are, you need to pick up a history book and do some reading. It would do you some good.
I'd advise you to do the same.

The term "Christian", as it pertains to identifying with other like minded religious folk, originated during the fight against Roe v Wade. Before that, people would identify as Catholic, or Protestant, or whatever. But the Anti-Choice crowd needed a more inclusive term to show a larger group opposed to abortion, and the term "Christian", in it's political sense, was born. And born again (pun intended) with Jimmy Carter. It stuck, because it's easier to say God is on your team when you can show a country of 70% Christians, instead of, oh, I dunno, 1.7% Mormon.

Really, be honest, can you say that Mormons share the same beliefs as Catholics? That they want the same things? That the two religions have any business lumping themselves together as "Christians" in any conversation regarding core values? Yet they both identify that way, because of politics.

Take your own advice, learn your history before making statements.