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Originally Posted by Dalko43 View Post
So I guess you didn't see those quotes I provided in the earlier post.
Sure I did. And the quotes you provided use the term "Christian" in a very different way. They use it to describe a way of acting (in a Christ-like manner).

And that's well and good, and the way the term was used prior to the mid 1900s. Now, when people use the term Christian, especially in online arguments or politics, they use it to mean "those who believe in Jesus". The problem is, those who believe in Jesus don't necessarily agree with one another any more than they agree with Atheists. So what exactly is a Christian nation? Try and explain it without using the word to define itself.

I know plenty of Atheists with higher moral values than a self purported "Christian".

So when you say this country was founded with Christian values, it's a red herring. What values, specifically, qualify as Christian? And what metric are you using to ascertain that the founding fathers were indeed Christian, as opposed to Deists (which most historical records support)?