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Originally Posted by Gle8 View Post
Now, when people use the term Christian, especially in online arguments or politics, they use it to mean "those who believe in Jesus".
That's exactly how the term was used back during the 1700's.

Originally Posted by Gle8 View Post
The problem is, those who believe in Jesus don't necessarily agree with one another any more than they agree with Atheists. So what exactly is a Christian nation? Try and explain it without using the word to define itself.
There have always been differences of sects and opinions in Christianity, even during the Biblical times. That doesn't take away from the fundamental similarities that exist amongst Christians.

There are very big differences between Shia, Sunni, Sufi, ect. but they all consider each other Muslims.

Originally Posted by Gle8 View Post
So when you say this country was founded with Christian values, it's a red herring. What values, specifically, qualify as Christian? And what metric are you using to ascertain that the founding fathers were indeed Christian, as opposed to Deists (which most historical records support)?
1) Christians were in the majority amongst the founding fathers and this country's early settlers. Deists, atheists, agnostics, ect. were in the minority...To suggest otherwise is pure fantasy.

2) Christian people believe in the divinity of Christ and the teachings he espoused. Regardless of differences in other nuanced beliefs, there are universal aspects of that faith that are shared by the Christian community.

Ergo, the early founders of this country were Christian in the communal sense.
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