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Originally Posted by Gle8 View Post
There are Presbyterian congregations that fully support Gay Marriage (and don't condemn homosexuality). There are Lutheran congregations that allow for contraception, and abortion to a certain extent. So when a politician (or anyone really) takes a stand on one of those issues and cites their "Christian Values" or "Christian Faith" as a basis for their stance, they are using the word in an entirely inappropriate way: to lump all of Christianity into support of their viewpoint.
And there are Catholics that support abortion.

No one has ever claimed that all Christians have the same viewpoints on every issue...just like no one has ever claimed that all Muslims have the same viewpoints on everything.

There are however still universal beliefs (belief in Christ, the ten commandments, heaven and earth) that define Christians, hence why the term exists in the first place.

You are only digging your grave deeper on this issue the more you write. I provided you quotes of some of the early founders using the term 'Christian' to refer to a communal faith. There were various Christian sects among the early colonists of this country, thus when the term 'Christian' was used back then it did in fact refer to a religious community. Now please go troll somewhere else.
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