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Originally Posted by Dalko43 View Post
The US government is not Christian.
I was addressing the fact that you'd be seemingly okay with that outcome as long as it wasn't locking up or imprisoning the other religions.

Originally Posted by Dalko43 View Post
Like I said earlier, acknowledging these historical and philosophical roots is not the same as endorsing Christianity.

No one gets special treatment in America because of their religious affiliation.
Anytime the government forces us all to pay for a particular religion's beliefs, someone is getting special treatment. You seemed to acknowledge that fact and argue that JUST in the case of Christianity, it's okay because of our history. Therefore you're acknowledging and condoning the special treatment as long as it doesn't get to the point where "people are being locked up". I argued that you're wrong on principle, the same one you just alluded to about no one getting special treatment. It doesn't matter that it's not resulting in people being locked up, it's fundamentally wrong.

If a state decided to erect an Islamic Star and Crescent statue in front of a court house on public land and maintained using public funds, how would that not be special treatment?

In order to be fairly represented, we'd need to erect and maintain statues for all other religions if we wanted to ensure no one religion was getting special treatment. Now we get into the business of erecting and maintaining statues for all religions we can think of to try and fairly represent everyone equally, while it makes much more sense not to go down that path at all and leave expressing religion to private citizens, the individuals.

If Government stays neutral, we don't have the issue of trying to maintain equality, all while spending our tax dollars on a frivolous exercise.

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