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Originally Posted by Dalko43 View Post
I have addressed most of what your brought up in my prior have your views and I have mine. But in regards to that last comment in bold that you made:

If we are talking about gratuitous waste of taxpayer dollars...there are issues that are much more pressing than the expenditure for printing religious phrases on our currency.

Billions of $ wasted on contractors, ineffective and redundant law federal enforcement agencies, bailout money for companies that end up going bankrupt down the line, grant money for failed startup's...the list is quite extensive.

If saving taxpayer dollars is your concern, you should look elsewhere first.
Again, it's an argument of principle and it seems clear now that you're not attempting to refute it. You are just saying "it's not that bad". "We aren't imprisoning people", "We waste more money other places", etc. You essentially conceded the principle of my point.

My point is that it's fundamentally wrong. I don't think we need to stop what we're doing and fix these things, I never once said they need to be addressed immediately, I just can't believe it takes this much discussion to agree on something that should be an accepted principle on which the foundation of our freedoms rely upon.

I never said I'm looking to save money, I was pointing out that if you make someone else pay for your benefits, someone is obviously getting special treatment. It isn't about the cost, it's that it's wrong. I was using the idea of forcing someone to pay for your beliefs because it's a tangible thing. You are literally taking their money and spending it on your religion when they haven't asked you to. You can't do that and ALSO claim that you are treating all religions equally, at least not with a straight face.

Instead of just simply agreeing, there's special pleading about how Christianity has historical significance and it doesn't matter because nobody is being imprisoned. These don't argue the point, they distract from it.

If you agree religions should be treated equally, then you should be able to recognize when they aren't being treated equally. If you think Christianity is special and gets to be treated "more equal" because of historical significance, then we are just going to fundamentally disagree.

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