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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post

You may for your own sake just want to force yourself to watch something besides or in addition to Fox News.
About the only thing that seems good about Fox News is that it's not MSNBC. LOL (

Unrelated to Fox:
I often enough hear the term "intelligent news." News is nothing but facts presented coherently and comprehensively. How intelligent does one need to be to handle that? Indeed, news itself is neither intelligent nor dumb. It's just information, facts.

I mean one going to contend that college educated, sometimes even folks with advanced degrees, people are incapable of witnessing an event and accurately sharing with others what they observed? Can such people not collect information and not simply say, "I/we spoke to "so and so" and read "such and such" documents and found X, Y and Z."? One doesn't have to be particularly intelligent to do that.

What does require some brains is making sense of it. Analysis does require intelligence. But, thank you very much, I think most folks can receive a set of facts and decide for themselves what impact it has for them. As for folks who can't (and there are some), well, how intelligent their "news" is should not be their concern. How intelligent they are is where their focus should lay, and their "action item" is to do something it.

When I turn on a news channel, I want to hear news. When I read an editorial or turn on the Sunday morning "talking heads," I want analysis and commentary. I don't mind that some news channels provide commentary, but they ought to be required to present news such that it is not mixed in with commentary and analysis. At least that way, those unintelligent folks to whom I referred above would at least know when they are hearing news and when they are not.

All the best.

Gee Tony, thanks...I hope my case worker at the internment camp is as nice and helpful as you are!!!