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Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
Listen strawmam, when you fail to acknowledge the problems we have hear in the US, you look less credible, like a prison system that is for profit, and is literally a revolving door that does nothing to rehabilitate thise who are in it. We have people who are still treated as second class citizens (women/minorites/gays), we pretty much support our own brand of terrorism, where we bomb people with drones and care little for the innocent who lose thier life in the process - we a shit ton of other issues we should work on fixing before pointing fingers at another country/people.
Women, minorities, and gays have it much better in this country than in the Middle East. The prison system is also much better than in most countries around the world. The US does not target innocent civilians, but keep on being seriously delusional about that one. You decided to play the moral equivalence game, so don't pretend I setup that argument. I personally have been to Iraq and have witnessed the aftermath of the people you say are just as good as us, which is exactly why I asked if you have been to such places. Perhaps you need to see to believe, because your views on this subject are not based in reality.

So once again an Iranian regime that has committed acts of war against the United States and has sponsored terrorism is not a good thing for American citizens.

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