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Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
Prison system = problem. There doesn't need to be any further justfication. Pointing out the fault of others doesn't make the problems we have at home any less serious or significant.
Actually in this case, I believe it does. There certainly is a conversation to be had on the pro's/con's of privatized prison systems. But we do have a prison system which acts within the regulations established by our state and federal governments...that is not the case for prisons in most other places.

Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
Discrimination = problem (and on that still exist) when we have STATES that refuse to reconize marriage between two consenting adults, basically denying them the same rights/benefits as we do other citizens. That IS blatant, that DOES exist - it's real.
And as I said in my earlier post, I agree that gay marriage (or the lackthereof) is one of the big exceptions...but to say racism, sexism or discrimination is legitimized or widely accepted in this country is pretty ridiculous.

Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
We have gone far off topic.
You were the one who initially brought up these topics, and you were the one who equivocated America with foreign countries on these issues.

Like I said before, America certainly isn't perfect, but neither are we anywhere near as troubled as most other countries when it comes to these social issues.
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