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Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
I stopped reading there.
You obviously didn't, because otherwise how would you have been able to respond to the later parts of my post...

Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
But it isn't - while it may not be outwardly prevalent, there is still a strong institutionalized bias towards minorities. Let's not go there please.
No, let us go there...individual racism/discrimination certainly exists in this country, in many different forms. But to suggest that racism exists in an institutionalized form (embraced and legitimized by governments, businesses and social institutions) is absurd.

I can't stand this naive narrative that people like you preach: that despite years of advancements and civil rights initiatives, we are still a country of racists and bigots. This broken-record "trending" politics gets old real quickly.

Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
No, pointed out America isn't perfect (It's not) and trying to use a broad brush to paint everyone who doesn't adhere to our way of life is "bad", sounds a lot like ethnocentrism to me.
It's not that I think foreign cultures are inherently "bad" or "evil" when compared to America''s that if I have to pick and chose where I live and how, I'll chose America any day of the week. And oddly enough, so do the millions of migrant workers/families who try to make their residence here every year.

So to play this little contrarian game of yours and say that 'we as Americans have no right to criticize others because of our own problems' is petty on your part. Of course we have issues here in America, but if we can't criticize brutal dictators and power-hungry theocracies, then who in this world can?

You want to ride your high-horse and pretend that we are no better than the 3rd world thugs or socialist strongmen in parts of Europe who ruin lives on daily basis...fine go ahead. I'll continue not giving a shit about your 'uniquely critical views' of American ethnocentrism.
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