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Originally Posted by Dalko43 View Post
Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons now...the issue is whether they will get nuclear weapons later.

And our treaty with Iran on this issue is non-existent. All we have is a framework and an agreement that we will eventually negotiate something by June of this year.

The negotiations were supposed to have been resolved by June of 2014. Iran has delayed this whole process; all they need is time. If they can wait out the international community for a few years more and get their hands on nukes, all treaties and negotiations become irrelevant.

Meanwhile, they have had no qualms about:
-Beefing up their Surface to Air missile defenses.
-Enhancing their Ballistic Missile program.
-Aiding extremist proxy groups in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.
-Keeping military sites off-limits to weapons inspectors (

Yeah, this "deal" is working out very well...
So your arguement is that Iran doesn't have the right to defend themselves? First it's about not allowing them to have access to creating a WMD - which according our intel, they are a long way off from, now we are moving the goal post to say they can't strengthen their military? Next, you'll be begging us to preemptively strike Iran too.