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Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
So your arguement is that Iran doesn't have the right to defend themselves?
Iran certainly can make an argument about why it needs Surface-to-Air Missiles. But the only real purpose behind having Ballistic Missiles is to deliver long range, high capacity payloads (like nuclear warheads).

Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
First it's about not allowing them to have access to creating a WMD - which according our intel, they are a long way off from,
You should do some actual research on that subject, because many international scientists and arms control experts place that "break-out time" anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
now we are moving the goal post to say they can't strengthen their military? Next, you'll be begging us to preemptively strike Iran too.
So you would call funding, training and cooperating with extremist groups in Syria, Iraq and Yemen "strengthening their military"?

And since when do we consider Ballistic Missiles weapons required for self-defense? The only tactical reason for having a ballistic missile is to deliver a mass destruction warhead.

And you still haven't addressed that Iran is unwilling to open up certain military sites to weapons inspections. This "deal" hasn't even been finalized yet and already Iran is demanding that certain sites be excluded from any potential inspections program.
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