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Originally Posted by NaTuReB0Y View Post
A good friend betrayed all of us a long time ago and put GOD before brotherhood and friendship.

To make a long story short, one of my good friends was smoking pot at some party --- and this other good friend went and told his boss about the incident and got the guy fired and ended his career.

Sick....just sick.......

According to him, GOD would be upset with him if he didn't do the right thing.....he couldn't live with himself unless he told someone about it. What a prick! GOD must have brainwashed him.....

I hope GOD will be there for him in his darkest hour............

You should not blame God for this incident. Your friend was obviously misguided. Cause first of all why tell the boss? If you really have a guilty conscious why not actually talk to the actual person about it?
Personally, whenever I have situation that I can't explain I would either talk to my brothers or pray for an answer. But I would not rat on the person to the wrong people.