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Originally Posted by johnnymu View Post
You should not blame God for this incident. Your friend was obviously misguided. Cause first of all why tell the boss? If you really have a guilty conscious why not actually talk to the actual person about it?
Personally, whenever I have situation that I can't explain I would either talk to my brothers or pray for an answer. But I would not rat on the person to the wrong people.
Agreed. If it bothered him so much, he should have talked with the pot smoker. If the pot smoker was part of the same church, and wasn't responding to the admonishment, he could choose to take it to elders of the church. I wouldn't think there would be an obligation to do so. It would be wrong to take it to the guy's boss. That was totally misguided.

If we all judged God by what his people do, then there would be no Christians. We all have fallen short. I think I can understand the betrayal you feel. Perhaps you can understand too, that this ex-friend did not represent Christ. Christ might have said, "He who is without sin, cast the first stone," protecting your friend.