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Originally Posted by BEMR View Post
I don't completely agree with the chart since a couple of large factors aren't illustrated. What about the last 2 years of Bush 2, and the first 2 years of Obama, what party was represented as the majority in Congress? Hummm, could it of been the democrats? Easy to blame Bush for everything wrong and leave that part out. And that also is a good reason to get away from all politicians.

My prediction, TRUMP with Fiorina VP. Both nonpoliticians.
Well, here's the deal on that. If one is President, one get's to tout what happened that is considered good and one must bear the blame for what is seen as bad.

Congress is not there to be the whipping boy when one's favored President is thwarted. The fact is that the debt and budget belong to the President because it's the President's administration that asks for the money from Congress and it's the President's administration that spends it. Congress cannot unilaterally submit and approve a budget.

Of course, Congress has a role in all executive branch appropriations, and Congress members absolutely stick into the budget all sorts of spending that benefits their districts. I'm not saying they aren't in part to blame, but the fact is that in no recent President's administration has Congress simply said, "No, you can't have all that money. Here's what you get and you'll have to make do with it." That is something they could have said at any time, but they didn't, not Republican Congresses and not Democratic ones.

Also, your comments address the "why" of the data presented. The "why" is what it is, but the fact remains that the spending is exactly what was shown in the chart. In this case, the spending that happened is the point, not why it was spent.

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