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Originally Posted by FenixMike View Post

I got bored of reading after those, but there are plenty more if needed. Clinton didnt leave a balanced budget for bush, never had a surplus, and credit is due to the republican house for much of it, not clinton.
C'mon, anytime anything good happens under a dem prez you guys say he had nothing to do with it, but anytime something bad happens it's all on him. I'm tired of hearing that crap. Here's the debt from 96-2001 under Clinton:

2001 $5,770 $10,640 54% 9/11 attacks worsened the 2011 recession. Bush tax cuts further reduced revenue.
2000 $5,629 $10,357 54%
1999 $5,605 $9,712 58%
1998 $5,478 $9,147 60%
1997 $5,369 $8,692 62%
1996 $5,181 $8,159 64%

So in the last 6 years of Clinton's run the debt went up less than 5 hundred billion. I never said he had a surplus but compare that to GWB's last 6 years where debt went up 4.5 trillion. So maybe it wasn't absolutely zero'd out each year but we are talking about very small amounts as compared to the last two potus'. For this country only going over budget 20 billion is remarkable.
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