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Originally Posted by FenixMike View Post
McCain is an idiot, and out of curiosity, what specifically dont you like about Palin?
McCain is an idiot now, but in the early - mid 2000's doing his maverick thing I kind of liked him. He had some liberal views and seemed a bit above the bs. Not anymore though. What don't I like about Palin? Don't have time for all that. Main things-

Her town and family was/is a mess
She is corrupt
She was only chosen to pander to the try and get some of HC's votes
She is mean spirited and stupid. Bad combo.
Has to write her 3-4 talking points on her hand.
She hunts animals from a helicopter
And like most politicians, she's as phony as a $3 bill.

I don't agree that BC was stupid. Weak and corrupt maybe, but the country did great during his terms. When he was president I hated him. Voted twice against him because I bought all the negativity the GOP was putting out there. However my business thrived under him and failed 5 years into the GWB term as we imported from Europe and up until 2004-5 the dollar was worth more than the euro. Then very quickly it went to being worth 30% less than the euro, driving my cogs through the roof and putting me out of biz. Haven't voted Republican since. I don't agree with everything BO does for sure, but for the last couple years my family has had good insurance at a great price (haven't had any for 10 years prior) and paid less taxes than I can ever remember, so I won't be complaining.
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