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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
You do not understand the concept of a rate? a percentage?
If you do not, this discussion must be very hard for you to follow.
What kind of rate? Rate of violence versus population? Rate of change, rate of increase, rate of decline? Alfisti was not specific. But I assume you mean rate per capita. I refer you to my original statement that almost all of our homicides are gang-related, whereas the UK's are often victimization.

Originally Posted by Alfisti View Post
Jesus spare me.

Rate, homicide RATE, population is accounted for. Which is actually WORSE for the US because mass killings have a bigger impact on the numbers in countries with lower populations.

As for homicide vs deaths, you prove my point! The US appears to not be significantly more violent than the UK or Canada or AUstralia but you end up dead more often because people are locked and loaded.
Calm down, this is a debate, not a schoolyard fight. Again, most of our gun deaths are gang-related. Incidents such as these are very rare. That doesn't make them any less tragic, but removing all guns is not the answer. Cracking down on violent gang crime is. To repeat myself, guns save lives every day across the US as well, and most guns (which are estimated to outnumber our citizens) go unfired.