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Originally Posted by fecurtis View Post
Spot on, I agree with this 100%. I suspect many others do too.

I theorized once that people should purchase gun insurance, kind of like the way you need (or at least should) tell your home or renters insurance company if you own guns or purchase a assumes you'd at least like them replaced if your home or apartment burns to the ground anyway or if some dipshit manages to gain access to your gun and shoots himself by accident, at least you're protected if he or she tries to sue the shit out of you.

You could create incentive to be RESPONSIBLE gun owners from that right there. If they're kept in a safe, then you get a discount. You took a firearm safety course? You get a discount. I theorized that years ago as a possible solution.

I grew up in a gun loving household since my dad is an avid hunter and I've never had an issue with guns. I recall times just face palming because I couldn't grasp the news stories where parents LEFT A LOADED GUN for their child to easily have access to and accidentally killing themselves or someone else. I always found that so dumbfounding. As a child, if I ever even entered my house with a loaded gun and forgot to unload it prior to coming inside, he'd of killed me. Before touching a gun as a kid my dad took me aside and taught me how to use one, responsible handling of a gun, storing it, etc etc. It's absolutely dumbfounding to me that other families never bothered to do the same, or at least keep them in safe storage.
I think that could do a lot for suicides and accidents (which are often added into the total gun death rates)

I take the safe keeping of my weapons very seriously. I continue to chastise friends who keep a gun in their cars. I just can't take the risk of contributing to criminal gun violence like that. I don't want any of my weapons to fall into the wrong hands. Criminal or innocent.

Originally Posted by fecurtis View Post
Have they really been telling people that? I always just assumed it was because parents are raising kids now to be a bunch of pansies. Only people I know with that mentality are those who were spoiled growing up.

Plus in this instance, this dude was 41 years old, which surprised me.
I think they are and have been in a round about way. Parents seem to be following suit. But that's just my opinion.

By making their kids the center of the universe they aren't exposed to disappointment too often. Then when they get into the real world some can't cope with the real world not being fair. Then they run into a theater start shooting innocent people.

Tough answers and decisions to make, but i'm not sure this type of thing is really on the rise. Maybe it's just that we know about it nearly instantly, no matter where it happened. I mean within minutes this guy tweeted to the WORLD what he had done with a first person POV video. Not so much the case in 1985. In 1985 it may have been weeks before this circulated down to FL, if it even did.

The media isn't stupid and it feeds the people what it wants. It wants this drama and excitement of emotions. The media will provide when available.
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