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Originally Posted by Alfisti View Post
Perversely i think you do. The gun culture is so ingrained that the guys doing the mass shootings are well trained, quite good shots, on most occasions anyway.

Certainly the Columbine and Sandy Hook killers seemed to be able to pick people off.

In saying that, you misunderstood the post from Nick, there's just less guns in circulation.
With my experience at gun ranges, from experience, this general statement is false. Our police who have to qualify aren't exactly accurate.

However the Columbine killers were different. They actually went into the woods to practice and thus became mildly proficient with their weapons.

The sandy hook killer just had many, innocent, non-combative, children in a very confined area.

Again, just my range experience, but even many ex-military people aren't very proficient with guns. Neither of my nephews, one in the marines, one the army could hit the broad side of a barn with a hand gun. A rifle is a different story, but most military personnel never even shoot a hand gun during their service.
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