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Originally Posted by Fundguy1 View Post
Clinton transferred national debt to the states. Thatso how he stopped building the debt. His economic prosperity was due to Reagan, not him. He was just smart enough not to mess with success.
Two wars were one started by them because we pulled out to soon and bad Intel gathering caused by Clinton dismantling the CIA on the ground.
War coat 1 trillion, debt was 9 trillion, unemployment was in the 5 and change range when Obama took over.
Dow was in the 6000 range when bush did because of clintons tech bubble and 9/11 and then dropped again due to clintons bundling or mortgages law.
Obl is dead due to Intel put in place by bush and was delayed by Obama. Car companies were imploding due to union costs that Obama preserved so they will blow up again. Gas is lower because Obama drove them up making facing viable, so Saudis drove them down to kill facing and bring them up again. REAL Unemployment is 11.9% now and credit is only available to the rich or spotless credit people, not the ones who need it.
So to sum up, the largest period of economic growth we have ever had, which occurred during Clinton's term, was caused by Reagan? 9/11, which happened on Bush's watch with Rice even giving him a memo saying "Al Queda determined to strike inside USA with planes" was really all Clinton's fault? So was the economic crash? And the death of OBL during Obama's term was really Bush (not sure why he didn't do it before the election in that case) too? And the Dow plummeting on Bush's watch was Clinton's fault? And the great gas prices we have now are in spite of BO?

So really what you are saying is the GOP is secretly responsible for every good thing that has happened in the last 30 years and the DNC is solely responsible for all the bad, even though the timing indicates the truth is exactly the opposite. Got it. Are you secretly Glenn Beck?

What a bunch of horse shit. Scary.
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