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Originally Posted by Doc Oc View Post
I didn't see the epa thing. Why do the pubs hate it so much? And regulations? Laws that are put in place to protect us and they hate them. Do they think global warming is fake and evolution is the devil too? Geez, if you look at fundguy's list its all the usual GOP talking points. Many bodies, one mind.

And regarding weed I agree it should be legal nationwide. I certainly wouldn't throw anyone in jail who is legally selling it now though, that's idiotic.
EPA as it stands has gone way past it's mandate with creative interpretations to push agendas. Global warming is debatable. Following AL Gores movie for example I should be under water right now.
As for legally selling it right now nobody is. State law doesn't trump federal. It's just Obama choice to disregard the laws he doesn't like and not enforce them.