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Originally Posted by Doc Oc View Post
So to sum up, the largest period of economic growth we have ever had, which occurred during Clinton's term, was caused by Reagan? 9/11, which happened on Bush's watch with Rice even giving him a memo saying "Al Queda determined to strike inside USA with planes" was really all Clinton's fault? So was the economic crash? And the death of OBL during Obama's term was really Bush (not sure why he didn't do it before the election in that case) too? And the Dow plummeting on Bush's watch was Clinton's fault? And the great gas prices we have now are in spite of BO?

So really what you are saying is the GOP is secretly responsible for every good thing that has happened in the last 30 years and the DNC is solely responsible for all the bad, even though the timing indicates the truth is exactly the opposite. Got it. Are you secretly Glenn Beck?

What a bunch of horse shit. Scary.
Dow went up 500% under Reagan and Bush one, 200% under Clinton. 9/11 wasn't anyone's fault. Intel sicker and we had different laws. But Afghanistan wasn't a war of agression by republicans. OBL was found with the people bush put into motion. Obama balked 4 times before killing him.
Dow plummeted under Clinton when tech bubble burst. Plummeted again under bush from 9/11 during bushes tech bubble recovery. Plummeted again under bush when banking crisis happened caused by legislation written by Clinton.

And yes the gas prices are definitely despite BO.