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Originally Posted by Doc Oc View Post
Our number one instinct above all others in life is self preservation. IMO, believing in God is self preservation, so it strikes a very instinctual chord in many people. Common sense and facts don't offer any reward (life after death) so why even consider them? There's no upside.

Why is it so hard for people to accept that we are related to the great apes? Go to a zoo, look at one for your eyes. They have opposable thumbs, can speak with sign language, smile, laugh, love, think and reason. I've spent the day with a juvenile orangatan, it was smarter than most 5 year olds and the most amazing creature I've ever seen. Like a hairy little person who didn't talk much. To think that we are somehow a completely different animal, hand selected for eternal paradise by a benevolent super being, even though we are nearly identical in genetics and appearance is ridiculous to me. How do we have a soul and they do not? The only difference between us and them is that we are the smarter species, just like certain breeds of dogs are smarter than others. Unfortunately we became smart enough to understand our own mortality, which makes us cling to religion against all common sense and evidence.
Common sense and facts point to God. For example- fact: we are here. This universe exists. This fact itself must mean there is a creator.

If it was really self-preservation as a major motivation, you better not believe in the Christian God. You have no power to save yourself in Christianity. You cannot get to God through your own works. It is by grace you are saved.

If you deny that humans are so very different than what you're calling our animal cousins then we have a lot of ground to cover.

We are so incredibly different its not even funny. Please, talk to me when apes walk on the moon of their own accord.

We get excited when an ape can match colors together. Human children can do that and we don't even consider it a real accomplishment.

Apes have no knowledge of morality or even the ability to comprehend the supernatural or their own existence. The fact that we can even comprehend these things should tell you how different we are. Apes have no moral law to live by, they do what nature demands of them. How on earth did we just somehow randomly get smart enough to understand morality? One can't understand his own morality without appealing to some higher moral being. Moral law can't come from within you.

Case and point: Humans and apes are so ridicoulsly different I'm not sure why we are having this discussion.
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