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Originally Posted by bmwmsport View Post
The reason threads such as these generally come full circle is because that fact is one that you have to agree on to move forward into any logical debate/discussion thereof. I mean, if God doesn't exist, nothing can exist, so what are we doing here?

If you examine other religions or worldviews, any educated person can tell that they've got more holes in them than they can get through. Most religions take the path of apathy or one based on "i have faith that he's real so that's good enough for me." It is the Christian's call to demonstrate God's existence and help their fellow brothers in Christ. (Protestant religions use science to get to God too, not just Catholicism)
Where's the "circle?" Unless I missed the post(s), I have not seen one member discuss the content from the program. All I've seen is folks launching into their "God exists; God doesn't exist" diatribes.

Do they? I'm sure there's a few who do, but frankly I see nothing (overall) approaching the nature and extent of critical and scholarly scientific research on the part of of any given Protestant faith that even remotely compares with what the Jesuits do. If you wanted the program, you'd see the Jesuits explore full spectrum of the "hard sciences" in their pursuit of establishing empirically (rather than inductively) that God exists. Heck, they even have a modern telescope (housed inside a secular observatory) to look for God (or His hand) at the start of the Big Bang.

Note: I'm referring to any single, named belief system. I presume that Islam and Judaism have moderen observatories/telescopes as well, if only by dint of their, like Catholicism, being run within faith-based sovereign states. Unfortunately, they weren't represented on the show. That said, it struck me as odd that none (IIRC) of the scientists advocating one way or another were clearly noted as being Protestant. Blessedly, however, the show didn't have any of the fundamentalist Christian (take your pick of denominations) rabble that so often makes it into the news.

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