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Originally Posted by AWD Addict View Post
You realize religion is all lies and myth created first to answer the unknown, then reinforced to control the masses, right?

You realize that Judeo-Christianity is really an adaptation of pagan mediterranean religions from both Greco-Roman and Egyptian settlements, right?

If you follow the texts precisely, Lucifer was cast down way before Jesus was in the pciture (many thousands of years according to the old Testament.)

Either way, there is such substantial proof at this point that Jesus never existed, it's moot. Jesus as we know it couldn't be Satan's brother, because every single major historian failed to document it. (Hopefully someone brings up the gospels now, then I can really get going. ) The white, blond haired Jesus is a second and third century adaptation of an old testament character used by the Roman empire to control the civilized empire. The problem is, Jesus would have had to be dark skinned, dark haired and likely Syrian or even Egyptian to fit the New Testament's profile.

Religion is a scam.
Halleluiah brother, praise the Lord……..

Nicely done.
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