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Originally Posted by Delta0311 View Post
Before I even begin, right of the bat I also hated Bush
Now as far as Obama
We are now in a new financial crises and this is on his watch.
Our intel agencies and the military did that.. It just happened to be on his watch, does not mean he deserves credit.
Iran Deal aka Raw Deal
Record level of "would you like fires with that" job growth. Most of the jobs are low paying service industry jobs.
Cannot comment on the last one not sure what the deficit was before he came in.
How is the slowing markets in Asia Obama's fault?

And it should mean he deserves the credit - by this measure any time anything OR good happens, it's the faultof the military and intelligence agencies, notthe executive branch. Got it.

Iran deal is straight.

As opposed to 0 job growth?

Can't comment on the last one because you're not well read on anything in this conversation.