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Originally Posted by LambOfGod View Post
Perhaps God finally came down to him in a vision and told him to stop supporting those that kill his babies. All these Politicians are crazy. Far Right and Far Left. They should be on American Idol.
There is a lot of evidence that he will say anything for a vote. It is not the abortion issue alone. It is even stupid stuff. He also made promises to the people of Michigan that he cannot keep:
"I hear people say, 'It's gone, those jobs are gone, transportation's gone, it's not coming back,'" he said. "I'm going to fight for every single job. I'm going to rebuild the industry. I'm going to take burdens off the back of the auto industry."
He said what the audience wanted to hear. Damn the truth. McCain told the truth. He just sounded pessimistic. I don't like McCain, but I think maybe I like Romney even less. I am all for being positive, but empty promises is worse than pessimism.