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Originally Posted by Alex340 View Post
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If I have to explain to you, then you are part of the uptight problem.
I don't think sitcoms will be required. Part 2 of the best stand up show on earth started today.

I don't give a flying fuck if you're a liberal or as far right as it gets, you have elected a moron and a joke to "lead" your country.

I sypathise with the right who wanted change and respect the idea of a non political leader. But really, is this it?

I'm fed up of seeing people defending the indefensible. And before someone states for the thousandth time that foreigners aren't allowed to comment on this, keep my nose out. No. You are not the boss, you just think you are. (Not aimed at all Americans, but you know who you are)
Thanks for your strong opinions and calling half of America idiots. You win America the board game. Hope you have years of enjoyment.