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Originally Posted by Zippster View Post
Illegal immigration is still occurring so if the net flow is zero where are the ones who already came over going?

If the wall is built a mile or so away from the boarder where possible, That's a long tunnel to dig, tunneling also makes noise that can be detected and its not the only way drugs get into the country, they carry them in places where there is no barriers. Hell, they use submarines to carry drugs, but I don't know where the drop off point is. The wall or barrier will make it more difficult to enter illegally, period. This has been going on for far too long.

News has been reporting increases in illegal immigration over the last few months. Did it stop on Jan 20th? I doubt it.
Some come from Mexico, some go back. Every report I have read says the overall numbers are close to the same with a small, insignificant drop. I don't see this wall being worth $20 billion dollars for the effect it will have as illegals will still find ways to get here.

Please post the news of illegal immigration increasing in the last few months. Ever since Trump was elected (almost 3 months ago) they have been packing their bags for the U.S.? Interested in reading more about this.

Yes a wall will make it more difficult to come over but so would a lot of things. I don't believe the cost justifies the result and don't want to pay for this wall. Trump says I won't but also has presented no plan for someone else to pay for it or even presented a study that shows the net result that the wall will provide.

He decided the wall is needed, decided we will pay for it, and says we will get paid back later.
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