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Originally Posted by PA135i View Post
Let's see what happens. I don't think Trump is expecting the Mexican government to cut a check before the construction begins. They is more than one way to "pay" for the wall. tariffs ... etc...

I know one thing. Trump knows how to execute a project on time and on budget. I doubt they will be using any $700 hammers from the state department for the construction.
Right now his plan if for us to pay for it and we will get reimbursed later but I have seen no plan for this happen. He needs to tell us how this reimbursement will happen.

Also, Trump won't be able to be directly involved in this project at the local level and will be relying on government workers to manage it. As good as he probably is he has a million things to do.

If he could really remove a lot of the waste out of government this would be a far greater gain than this wall. I appreciate his efforts in this area and would like him to focus more on this than the number of votes he got or the number of people at the inauguration.
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