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As far as Multis go, I love Orange Triad, it also has a joint care portion, which never hurts if you're doing anything athletic! Ask 100 people about multis, and you'll get 100 answers.

As for Whey, 20 minutes before, and immediately after workout. Whey is a fast absorbing protein, and tends to cause a significant spike in blood amino acid levels, that will then taper off, which is why it's important to consume healthy whole proteins like chicken or fish throughout the day, to keep AA levels from dipping too low.

Downing a shake 20 mins prior to work out (with some carbs. oatmeal, rice, etc) will keep blood AA levels up during workout, which allows muscle recover to start quickly, and downing another immediately after is even more important. The best time to build muscle is immediately after a work out, so post workout nutrition makes a big difference. That's where you should eat your biggest meal of the day.

I usually down a shake (and creatine, if you use it. Absorbtion is highest after a work out) right after a workout, then eat a meal with chicken and rice, eggs and salsa in a whole grain tortilla, something to that effect.

Carbs are imporant post workout. If your muscles are a building, proteins are the bricks, and carbs are the workers that lay them.

If you're going to have sugars, workout time is when you want to do that too, as your body will be able to use them, instead of storing them as fat.