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Originally Posted by SumBMWGuy View Post
Ok, Zippster where were you when people were disrespecting the prior President of the US?
Originally Posted by SakhirM4 View Post
You don't read very well.

You posted: I don't seem to recall you admonishing those that have called Obama names.

I responded: Obama is no longer the President. I guess it is my military background - would never call my Commander-In-Chief names, no matter what I thought of him.

How is that only addressing the current President?

This conversation got me to wonder what the political forum was like before I became interested in it--basically during last years election. If you look back there are a few interesting things: there seems to be a diverse line of topics and not just one Trump thread after another.

There also seems to be less action and a gap around 2013. I didn't read into the threads just glanced at the topics which seem to have a significant change in tone during the current Trump era.
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