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Originally Posted by Perpetrator View Post
Sorry, I know very little about this stuff.

I'm one of those scrawny asian guys that always try and gain weight and add muscle. Anywho, everytime I try to do protein shakes, it upsets my tummy (like someone already mentioned here). Is it the whey that does it? Yogurt has whey, but doesn't upset my stomach. Is there something I'm missing? Or does someone have any alternatives/brands I can look into? I'd like to take protein, but don't want to always have to cropdust at the office.
If you drink too much protein without actually using it, it will have the cropdusting effect you describe.

Most protein shakes are also based on milk protein, which can be a problem for some. The Optimum Nutrition shakes come with Lactase and some other digestive enzymes loaded in, which makes them more digestible for most people.