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Originally Posted by Jay_328 View Post
All you guys are offering useful info but what works for one may not work for others. It really is trial and error.

Start with the fundamentals; proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. The key is knowing how much of these nutrients you need to eat and when to eat them to feed your muscles and starve the fat.

Protein is key and very important when you're trying to build a leaner, stronger, healthier body. You should eat foods like chicken, fish, beef, egg whites and some dairy, like cottage cheese. I hate the stuff. These complete proteins contain amino acids which helps to build muscle, your body can't make them on its own.

Carbs are a key source of energy. Found in fruits, veggies, grains, pasta, bread, etc. Slow carbs provides you with a contant release of energy. My favs are brown rice, veggies, oatmeal and whole grain pasta. They trigger the release of insulin which helps your amino acids enter muscle cells. So protein and carbs work together in building a better body.

You actually do need some fat but in the form of essential fatty acids. Like omega 3/ 6. These fats help you burn stored bodyfat. And can be found in fish and fish oil pills. Saturated fats are the bad ones, like cheeseburgers, fries, donuts, candy, etc. Can cause you to gain bodyfat and can cause heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Vitamins are very important, I take a multi every day. I could never eat enough to get the recommended amount of vits/ minerals needed each day.

Drink lots of water!!! You just can't build and maintain a healthy body without water. And stay away from soft drinks!

Supplements, I usually just follow my instincts/ intuition. That way I figure out what works for me. As I stated above what works for me may not benefit you at all.

Don't buy junk food. If you crave these things it's only because that's been your habit. Break the habit!! If you must have the stuff, limit it to one cheat day a week. And stay clear of greasy fried foods.

Follow an exercise program that helps you build muscle. One that includes the entire body (which means work those legs too guys ) and add in some cardio. Make working out your new habit, that way you will feel natural doing it than not doing it. And it's important to keep your routine fresh, shock the body dude!!

As for protein drinks I like ON Whey (choc and vanilla) But with vanilla I can add different fruits/ peanut butter for variety. Good stuff

Here's a sample of what I might during my day.

BREAKFAST : 4/5 egg omelet (all white and 1 yolk) w/ turkey & cheese or oatmeal w/ blueberries
multivitamin, fish oil pills, flax seed pill
16 oz water or low sodium V8

BRUNCH : cheesy chicken pita pocket (yogurt and spicy brown mustard mixed as spread w/ lettuce, tomato and cheese) and XS energy drink

SNACK : shake and protein bar or apple/ banana

LUNCH : grilled chicken breast, veggies, baked potato, water

SNACK : shake and banana or some blueberries

DINNER : lean beef or turkey burger w/ tomato on wheat or whole wheat pasta w/ ground turkey
brown rice w/ brocolli, water

It all depends on what you're trying to acheive at the time; cutting or bulking.

I try to keep chicken breasts and boiled eggs handy. I like to cut those up in a salad or make a quick sandwich. Cook 'em in bulk and they're always ready to go!

I hope this was helpful. Good Luck!!
Good info man. And I did mention that everyone is different and you gotta play around..

Darkcloud, while I don't know what's involved with taking Creatine, I know you need to cycle it. And you have to do something when you're coming off of it so that your body doesn't go into withdrawls so to speak.

Check Sam's Club for EAS. They have big 5lb bags of protein for like $23.

I love this thread. I've taken the last few days off from the gym and I can't wait to get in there today.