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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
Yeah I've taken creatine before. I don't get the withdrawl thing though, I never experienced it. After reading around last night I think I'm going to go with the pill form over the powder or serum. I never liked how the powder mixed to begin with. The pill form doesn't seem to need to be cycled either, at least it's not mentioned. Most only say to take 2 daily, nothing like how the powder says to take multiple doses throughout the day when starting.

I was just as Sams last week too. Anyone know the difference between the EAS 100%whey protein and the EAS myoplex??

Oh also my fiance was wondering what she could take. She just wants to get fit and tone up. She also wants something to help with recovery since she never really has worked out and shes afraid of being too sore Any suggestions? My first instincts say she would use the eas myoplex lite or something equivalent to that....

Difference between EAS Myoplex and Whey Protein:

EAS Myoplex:
-Includes 24 different vitamins and minerals
-Combination of Whey, Soy, and Egg proteins in order to create a time release effect for optimal muscle building (Complete Protein blend)
-L-Glutamine: A conditionally essential amino acid used for faster recovery
-Brown Rice Syrup: Complex Carbohydrate used to curb hunger
-Fiber: Also used to curb hunger

EAS 100% Whey Protein:
-Includes simple and complex BCCA amino acids from milk sources
-Lacks amino acids present in Egg and Soy proteins

Your fiance' should try Myoplex light or Myoplex Carb Sense. They are excellent products and I use them for cutting and toning. When I play summer league basketball I need the boost . I used them after workotus and to replace a mid-day meal. Four smaller meals [Low carb, high protein] a day with one replaced with the Myoplex Light.