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Originally Posted by Icedog_16 View Post
Spoken like someone who doesn't live in Florida. Honestly, I voted for him as governor, which I kind of regret (still better than the alternative), as I do not like his approach to private enterprise. His strongarmed tactics with insurers here has done the populace no favors. Nothing makes insurers want to come into Florida more than a hostile business environment. Let market forces (ie, supply and demand) determine the cost of insurance; don't mandate lower rates when it's neither prudent nor actuarially sound to do so.

He'd probably be a good choice to win an election. But I have no idea what we'd get with McCain and him in office.
Regardless of whether or not I live in Florida (or agree with him on everything politically), he has nearly an 80% approval rating, heh. One can assume that'll make a difference in a florida election.