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Originally Posted by imserious View Post
I kind of lost track of this Russia thing.

Mommy - are we there yet? Nope, another million miles to go.
Lol, in my defense, they did it to us, and it took us 20 years to admit it.

I find the whole Russia angle intriguing. now there is proof of stein, Sanders, and trump benefitting from their support just to take a Clinton down. It's not like they would work for a candidate best for the USA, they didn't do that to us either. (disclaimer: If i could've voted in that election, i would not have. As horrible as i thought trump was, i hold a standard to the person i vote for. Politically I'm on camp Clinton for sure mostly in your view)

It's so fucking scary to see companies like fb now saying their own tools for marketing were used against you, when we all know they can be used against us as easily.

In this investigation, America goes first. If we can't trust you in this, well...

Btw, mom, are we there yet is the most annoying thing ever to hear. Thanks for making me to stop to post things hurry the fuck up Mueller.
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You're still a little new here, so I'll let you in on a little secret. Whenever Lups types gibberish, this is an opportunity for you to imagine it to be whatever you'd like it to be.
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How would you know this? Did mommy catch you jerking off to some Big Foot porn ?

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