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Originally Posted by skeee1 View Post
I'm in Atlanta right now. And I must honestly say I was looking forward to the 4.0 Z4. But I have been driving the California special mustang GT and looking at the pricing of the vehicle I have as a rental. I must honestly say my BMW M235 i have back home is going bye-bye. The mustang is definitely the most fun to drive vehicle. BMW has a lot of catching up to do. $69 k for a so so car is crazy.
I sold my 240i and got a PP1 '19 GT with magneride, even stock it would be faster and more engaging than this massively overpriced b58 roadster, and cost 30k less

Add in a supercharger and it's pushing 800 HP on pump gas with zero issues, I'll take some hard plastic on the cabin in exchange for that kind of performance deal.

BMW should be offering this with an S58 at that price point.