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Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
I thought from the start the supposed Syrian gas attack was false flag BS. Assad was kicking ISIS ass all over the country at the time, why the hell would he suddenly decide to drop just a couple containers of gas with the risk of stirring up international outcry? There was absolutely zero benefit to gain, and absolutely everything to lose by doing this. Honestly I don't know how many examples of false flags we need to be exposed to over the years to finally start questioning everything the MIC wants us to believe.

The biggest mistake Trump has made since the start of his Presidency, and there have been a lot, was his bombing of Syria. It was absolutely outrageous and a criminal act what was done there. Luckily the bombing was about an inept as the rest of his Presidency.
The bombing I believe shows us more about the control the "Permanent State / CIA / MIC" has over all presidents ....not just Trump. The Permanent State acts how it wants or rather foments things to act as wants irregardless of the Puppet in office

"O'Bombya" dropped 26,000 bombs a year in the Middle East During his presidency....many , many were dropped in Syria. ...more bombs per year then Bush... last report I read Trump was up to 28,000 Bombs per year in 2017 in the Middle East