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Originally Posted by Joe240 View Post
382hp 365tq at the crank is what it's rated at. Figure 15% drivetrain loss (very generous) that's 430hp and 500tq at the crank. Although this was ran in 5th (same as the Supra by Car and Driver) so the tq rating is a little higher because of it.

The Dyno technician said that running the Dyno in AWD with only power going to the rear wheels could also slightly fudge the torque number so realistically could be 450-480tq at the crank. But I don't know the semantics of Dynos so beats me.
Great results and thanks for going to the effort! Yeah, the torque numbers look a bit off but the hp number is you say, with a conservative 15% drivetrain loss puts the car at 430hp. Not too shabby!

When I took the M40i for a test drive and told my salesman that the car was quicker than I thought and closer to my f type V8 than I expected, he said that BMW ratings are way low and close to RWHP.....I took it with a grain of salt but it looks like he was spot on.