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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k View Post
Is the first time a president rode a bicycle the same level of history as the first time president drove a car or fly airplane? I think those are more important to world history so it's called historic but not bicycle really
Perhaps go ask the tens of millions of poor folks in southeast Asia and in Africa if the bicycle is significant? Experiments done in Uganda, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka on thousands of households have shown that a bicycle can increase a poor family's income as much as 35%. The bicycle has literally improved the lives of billions to a point many could not even fathom, so yes, to those folks - a head of state first riding a bicycle in the 1800's was probably extremely historic.

The bicycle has had a considerable effect on human society, in both the cultural and industrial realms. The bicycle gave women unprecedented mobility, contributing to their emancipation in Western nations.

The bicycle was recognized by 19th-century feminists and suffragists as a "freedom machine" for women. American Susan B. Anthony said in a New York World interview on February 2, 1896: "I think it has done more to emancipate woman than any one thing in the world. I rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel. It gives her a feeling of self-reliance and independence the moment she takes her seat; and away she goes, the picture of untrammelled womanhood."
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